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NZ 350 database

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Owners gallery

Very few NZ 350 and 350-1 DKW's are left out there. In the page below are presented restored bikes from across the globe that belong to people we the chief editors have met. We are sure there is a ton more but this is the list so far of what we here on have been able to find.

If you want your bike pictured below, contact us. We are looking for 1939-1944 bikes. If your DKW is that year and its a NZ 350, send it in!

Many of the owners presented in the Gallery are members of different re-enactment historical groups world-wide. Owners presented alphabetically.

Arnost Nezmeskal (Czechia)

      rest-arnost_01.jpg    rest-arnost_02.jpg

I have bought my DKW NZ 350-1 from our city mayor in early 1990's. His father owned the bike more then 40 years. He bought it from the state. There was lot of different ex-Wehrmacht vehicles in ditches around the roads.

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Gerald Mlynek (Ohio, USA)

     rest-gerald-05.jpg    rest-gerald-06.jpg

Gerald owns two DKW's. A 1942 NZ 350 with a 1939 motor and a 1944 NZ 350-1. Gerald has gone over his bikes and they look absolutely fantastic. He even has been able to reproduce the correct labels for the gas tank which are found in the manual for the NZ 350-1 D 605/27.

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Klaus Weinbrenner (Germany)

     rest-klaus-03.jpg    rest-klaus-04.jpg

owns a 7/1944 NZ 350-1. During the "Rückzug" of the Wehrmacht this bike was left behind in the alpine region of Germany and was then hidden for future civilian use.

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Larry Martin  (Oregon, USA)

     rest-larry-01.jpg    rest-larry-02.jpg

owns this 1943 NZ 350. One of the unique things about his bike is, he has a NZ 350-1 motor in it.

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Leigh Dodd (Cheshire, UK)

     rest-leighs-01.jpg    rest-leighs-02.jpg

has this bike shipped to the UK from Holland. It is a 1944 NZ 350-1 with cast block. Although restored in its recent past there are a number of pieces which I hope to replace, along with the colour, which should give it a more accurate appearance.

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Martin Wilby (UK)

     rest-martin-01.jpg    rest-martin-02.jpg

Martin has a remarkable collection of NZs - two 1940 NZ 350s, a 1942 NZ 350, and two NZ 350-1s.

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Mike Dunn (California, USA)

     rest-dunn-01.jpg    rest-dunn-02.jpg

owns this 1943 NZ 350-1. This bike has been restored on a moderate level and all of the correct parts have been placed back on it.

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Patrick Monnin (France)

     rest-monin_01.jpg    rest-monin_02.jpg

bought his early NZ 350 from a museum and restored it to its original condition. The bike had many wrong parts which had to be replaced.

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Paul Madden (USA)

     rest-paul-01.jpg    rest-paul-02.jpg

has an interesting 1944 350 NZ-1 with Steib side-car attached. The original Steib sidecar could be a wartime or post war time modification and Paul plans on restoring it... but right now he's just rounding up parts.

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Ron Henton (USA)

     rest-ron-01.jpg    rest-ron-02.jpg

purchased his 1943 NZ350-1 from Investment Bikes Out of Holland. The bike came along from Germany.

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Sam Wagner (France)

     rest-sam-01.jpg    rest-sam-02.jpg

has one of the last built 1945 NZ-350-1. In all probability, the bike was constructed in January 1945 (original steel Typenschild dated 1945).

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Tapani Hirvimäki (Finnland)

     rest-tampani_01.jpg    rest-tampani_02.jpg

owns this NZ 350-1 from 1944. The bike came from Estonia to Finnland in 2000 and was then restored. Since 2002 it is road-registered again.

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Rob Hickmott (Ashford, UK)


rebuild this very nice NZ 350/1943. was registered in the UK in 1947. The log book shows that it was an "Ex-Government vehicle". That means that it...

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Thomas-MIchael Willig (Germany)

    rest-thomas-03.jpg    rest-thomas-04.jpg

owns a 1943 NZ 350 - one of the last NZ 350s before the NZ 350-1 was introduced. Around 1950 the bike was "modernised".

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Mario de Cocq (Netherland)


Mario wrote: In August 2006, I bought my DKW NZ350-1 from a very nice, elderly man in Hamburg/Germany. According.......
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Michal Vydra  (Czechia)


My name is Michal Vydra, and I am from Czech Republic. I would like present my DKW NZ 350-1 on your page...
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Matthias Babel  (Germany)


My name is Matthias Babel and I would like to introduce my bike to you....Read more

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