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Detail Pictures of NZ Parts

Below you will a collection of detail pictures of what we consider to be original NZ parts. These pictures can give you a guideline to find out what is correct and what is not.

Click on the thumbnails in order to enlarge the image:

NZ 350 HASAG Lamp

             lamp-01-t.jpg    lamp-02-t.jpg

     lamp-03-t.jpg    lamp-04-t.jpg

The original NZ 350 lamp has a stamp inside the housing, which reads "HASAG" and "Nr. 165 NZ" were the number 165 stands for the diameter of the lamp. See below on left. On the right you can see that even the original lightbulbs had a "HASAG" stamp on them.  

   lamp-05-t.jpg    lamp-06-t.jpg

NZ 350 Ignition Switch

These switches were both used on all NZ 350 up to 1943. For the NZ 350/1943 only the HASAG switch was used, were the key was made non-removable. The left picture shows the HASAG switch, the right picture the HELLA switch. The corresponding ignition key can be seen also.

     hasag-01-t.jpg    hella-t.jpg

     HASAG ignition key

Rear tank support from late NZ 350/1943 onwards

All NZ 350 until late 1943 used a small rubber to cushion the tank against the frame. As this rubber was lost easily, it was advised to fix it with binding wire to the tank. From late 1943 onwards this rubber was in replaced with the leafspring seen here.



"Einspritzkanne" and Bracket used on NZ 350/1943 and NZ 350-1

This little bottle was manufactured by a few factories and was used for weapon oil, gasoline or keroesene. It was made from brass or sheetmetal, mostly painted black. When used to coldstart the NZ in cold weather, it is filled with gasoline which should be injected, through the decompression valve, directly into the compression chamber.


     can_1-t.jpg    can_2-t.jpg

Below on the right side a leather holster for the "Einspritzkanne" is pictured. In the description it was pointed out that this leather holster was never supplied, the metal part pictured on the left was supplied instead. The position of this bracket can be verified in the manual D605-27. Reproductions of this brackets from Eastern Europe are manufactured in a way that this bracket is attached to the front fork, which is not correct. More picures here..

     canholder-t.jpg    bottle-t.jpg

Steel front and rear brake backplate as used on NZ 350-1

The later NZ 350-1 used front and rear brake backplates that were made from steel, as opposed to the earlier parts that were cast from aluminium. Pictures by Jens Hill

     brake_-1_rear-a-t.jpg    brake_-1_rear-b-t.jpg

     brake_-1_front-a-t.jpg    brake_-1_front-b-t.jpg

Front brake drum

The NZ 350-1 was equipped with a front brake drum that was not finned like the ones used on the earlier models, which can be seen in the right picture below.

     350-1-frontrim-1-t.jpg    fr-drum-350-t.jpg

Rear brake adjuster

Below you can find a picture of the original rear brake adjuster nut. Look closely and you will find the Auto-Union rings on the side of the winged nut.


Lower support for saddle bag

On right you can see the later bracket, part no. 123789. This part was used from the later NZ 350/1943 onwards. It seems that this is also the standard bracket used on the NZ 350-1. On the left the earlier bracket, part no. 122964-1, can be seen.

     bracket_2-t.jpg    bracket-t.jpg

Upper support for saddle bag

Shown below is the later type support which was first introduced on the NZ350/1943. The pictures were supplied by Martin Wilby. For more pictures click here.

     bracket_nz350-1_1-t.jpg    bracket_nz350-1_1-t.jpg 

Tail Light

The lamp shown below on left was used on all NZ350 until the introduction of the NZ350-1943 (see "Service Letter 2116" in the download section). After that the unified taillamp, shown on the right was used for the NZ350-1943 and the NZ350-1. This is basically the same lamp, apart from the paint, that was used on the NZ250.

    rearlamp-t.jpg    taillamp_250-t.jpg

Grease Nipples and Screws

On the left the original grease nipple of the NZ are shown. It is made from aluminium. On the right you can see the, zinc-plated, modern, replacement which can be seen on restorations very often, but which are not original. More info on the grease nipples of the NZ350-1 can be seen here . The right pictures shows the three types of original Screws found on the NZ.

     nipple-t.jpg    screwheads-t.jpg


On left you can see the gascap as used on the NZ 350. On the right side the cap for the NZ 350-1. Please note that the NZ350-1 cap was originally not chromed but painted. The cap includes a small cup which is used to measure the oil. Its embossed letters read: 0,1 Ltr, 2 x FÜR 5 LITER, 1:25. (NZ 350-1 Cap by courtesy of Rob Hickmott)

         gascap350-t.jpg    gascap350-1b-t.jpg

Controlbox NZ 350-1

Below you will find two pictures of a restored SP13R controlbox for the NZ350-1 (and the RT 125). It has been fitted with a modern, replacement, voltage-regulator. In all other respects this controlbox is absolutely original with an original ignition coil which has been rewound. On the left picture one can see how the ignition key was made non-removable for Wehrmacht-use. Also very interesting is the original rubber/fibre gasket under the red ignition tell-tale lens. For more pictures of the Spulenkasten -click here

              Rear of controlbox NZ350-1Front of controlbox NZ350-1

Headlamp for the NZ 350/1943 and the early NZ 350-1

This lamp is also used on the RT125. Please note, that the "slingshot" bracket that is used to mount this lamp to the front springer is differently shaped when compared to the later NZ 350-1 part.  For more pictures of this lamp, click here

     lamp_1943-1-t.jpg    lamp_1943-2-t.jpg 

Greasefittings for bowden cables

Here you can see the original aluminium grease fittings for the clutch and front brake bowden cables.



NZ 350 PAGUSA Rear seat

Two different kind of seats were fitted to the Wehrmacht NZ. The first type is made by PAGUSA and shown below. The second type is made by Framo. more .

     sozius-1-t.jpg    sozius-2-t.jpg


NZ 350-1 BOSCH Lamp

This headlamp was used from 1944 onwards for the later NZ350-1. The pictures below appear by courtesy of Maciek Gorski, who is the owner of this mint lamp. For more pictures of this lamp, click here

     lamp_nz350-1_8-t.jpg    lamp_nz350-1_9-t.jpg

Original Bosch Sparkplug Connector

This sparkplug cover is shown in the partsbook D605-12 in the 1944 version. The DKW part-no. is 070025-0 it is made by BOSCH and has the BOSCH part-no. EM/W 10/1. Pictures supplied by Thomas Seilkopf.

     spark_con_1-t.jpg    spark_con_2-t.jpg

NZ 350-1 Fueltap

According to the manual for the NZ350-1, D605-27, this fueltap is the original thing. Pictures supplied by forum-member Peter. Please note that all NZ tanks have a female connector for the fueltap brazed in. Only the russian IZH tanks have male connectors.

         fueltap_1-t.jpg    fueltap_2-t.jpg    fueltap_3-t.jpg

NZ 350 Decompression and Clutch lever combination

This lever was used from late 1939 until the introduction of the NZ350-1943, it always had the part number 122815-0. On the right you can see the three different levers which were all used under the same part number. The left lever has a aluminium clutch lever, a pressed steel deco lever and the aluminium base was fixed to the handlebar by a brass wedge. The centre lever has a base made out of diecast zinc which is attached by a steel wedge to the handlebar. The clutch lever is made from aluminium and it has a pressed steel deco lever . The right lever seems to be the latest version with diecast base and clutch lever and pressed steel deco lever . The base is attached to the handlebar by two small grub screws. Pictures supplied by Thomas Seilkopf.

   nz_lever_02-t.jpg    nz_lever_01-t.jpg

Brake- and Clutchlever from  NZ 350/1943 and NZ 350-1

When looking closely at restored NZ350/43 and NZ 350-1 one will find very often that the clutch- and brakelevers of postwar HOREX motorcycles were more.


Additional exhaust support on the NZ 350/1943 and NZ 350-1

At the introduction of the NZ350-1943 an additional support for the exhaust pipe was fitted. This can be seen in partslist D605-12 (1944) and in the manual for the NZ350-1 D605-27.

     exhaust_supp-t.jpg    exhaust_supp_2-t.jpg 

Mudscraperfin for NZ 350/1943 and NZ 350-1

This fin was a mud and snow scraper. The "Fin" would clean the debris off the tire before it passed by the drive chain. Without this "scraper fin" the mud and snow will be drawn into the motor crankcase by the returning chain. This was a very bad thing and in the winter the mud and snow could freeze inside the block disabling the bike. The fin is a direct result of lessons learned from combat in Russia.  More pictures here...


O-ring for the NZ 350 dynamo housing

According to partslist D605-12 from 1941 the dynamo housing has an additional groove machined, were an o-ring was positioned ( see pos. 5 on plate 29). This o-ring helps the dynamo to stay clean and dry even under severe conditions.



Pictures of the Mainframe of the NZ350 Series

Two different mainframes were used during the life of the NZ. First the frame with the part# 122514-0 was used from 1938 to 1943. Then in 1943 the bolt which attaches the drivers footpeg to the frame........More


Oil-Dipstick of the NZ350-1

Different dipsticks can be found here.


Speedometer panel used on all NZ until the early NZ350-1

See some pictures here..........


Centerstand of all NZ models

For more detailled information, please check here.


Cats's eye of the Wehrmacht NZ

For more pictures click here.  


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