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Below you will find a listing of people who sell DKW NZ 350, 350-1 parts.

They sell spokes and carburetor parts for the DKW NZ 350-1 and NZ 350. They offer AMAL and Bing carb parts.

Yes, try German Ebay and do a search on DKW NZ. You will be surprised how many parts show up. I have made a few good friends this way and every week there is always NZ 350 parts for sale on the site.

Bernhard Greiner
Lehmgrubenstrasse 21
72336 Balingen / Germany
Tel ++49 7433 15188
Fax ++49 7433 6245
*We are not aware if he speaks English

DKW Geyer
Gartenstraße 34,
69502 Hemsbach / Germany
Tel. 06201-42381
Fax 06201-492808
*They do sell only a few NZ 350, 350-1 parts.

Motorrad Stemler
They sell some NZ 350 parts, you have to look in their Adler catalog to find them. Not a huge selection but some.

They sell NZ 350-1 6 volt to 12 volt conversions, check out thier conversions.

They offer all sorts of DKW parts. I have only ordered from them once but seems to be a good source, specially for clutch plates.

H.-P. Hommes
They offer parts for the big Zuendapp and BMW Wehrmacht-bikes. Some parts are available which can fit the NZ also (Ribe bolts and nuts, Paint in the original Wehrmacht shades). Reliable, friendly and professional supplier .

Oldtimer Garage
Polish company who has some repro-parts for the NZ, like the upper chainguard. They also seem to have many repro rubberparts for our bikes. Maybe you should inquire.

They sell replacement electronic regulators for the NZ350 and the NZ350-1, which will fit into the original DKW controlboxes. If required the regulators are supplied with instructions in english.

Ernst Weisswange
Parts for the early RT125. That means that they have parts for the NZ350-1 controlbox, like original regulators and coils. I fear they only speak German.

Jochen Burghardt
Restores classic motorcycles, specially DKW. Experienced restorer of DKW pre-war crankshafts.

Ka-Ja-Tacho Dienst
The people to contact if you have issues with your NZ speedometer

Tomasz Kowalzecos
Supplies stencils for a large variety of Wehrmacht vehicles

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