NZ Library

All of these files are downloadable for you to use for research for your DKW NZ 350 or 350-1. If you would like to contribute anything please feel free to tell us.

DKW Frame numbers

Check your frame and motor numbers on your bike to make sure its a NZ 350/350-1. You have a DKW bike, but want to know which model? Check here for the complete list of all engine and frame numbers, produced in DKW factories from 1924 onwards.


This diagram is an view of the NZ 350-1 motor and its internals.

With this pdf file you will be able to determine which bearings and seals you need for your NZ 350.

Electric system

These are great for figuring out your wiring on your NZ 250/350 and the NZ 500 motorcycle.

Great for figuring out your wiring on your NZ 350-1 motorcycle.

The complete list of parts of the original control box.

This file tells you which positions on the control box do what on the bike. 

This file gives you some advice on how to adjust the ignition on the NZ 350.


This file tells you what you need when replacing the clutch, brake, throttle cables on your NZ350 and NZ350-1943. It should also cover the NZ350-1, but this has not been confirmed.

pdfCables18.84 KB

How old is your NZ? Does the engine no. match the chassis no.? These questions are (hopefully) answered in this pdf-file.


In 1944 (!) the Wehrmacht decided that there was a need for a abbreviated manual for the DKW SB, RT and NZ-models.


This rear suspension from the company JURISCH was supplied by DKW Ingolstadt after the war to modernise the NZ bikes. It was offered on a exchange base. You had to send in your old rigid rear frame, which was then modified to take the new suspension.

Periodical literature

This is a copy out of a wartime issue of the German magazine "Krafthand" which was destined for workshops which were not DKW affilated. Unfortunately no date of issue is available.

An article from May 1938 on the "new" NZ350. (In German).