Project NZ 350 1943

Basic info on DKW NZ 350's

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Project NZ 350 1943

Post by Tom216 » Wed Sep 23, 2020 10:04 pm

Hello group,

I would like to ask you for some help regarding the NZ 350 Nr. 605915, which I plan to restore to its original factory condition. Based on stamped date at frame label it was produced in 1943, although available database shows year 1942 for this frame number.

Engine is light alloy with VG gearbox, the fuel tank had rubber knee pads and has no holder for the gas mask. Neither engine nor other mechanical parts like brakes have any signs of paint.

Regarding originality, my biggest problem is the original colour. The bike has been repainted to red in past, currently is mostly rusty. I have found some traces of beige (like dunkelgelb2?) at front fork, under beige is some grey layer (does not look like Feldgrau) and under grey seems to be some dark red, maybe the basic paint. I have no idea however, if some of mentioned paints could be original.

I would like to ask you:
1. Which colours/colour schemes were originally available for NZ 350 year 1942/1943?
I have seen mainly army colours, but also black/silver combination.
Which colour had the basic paint in that era?
2. Which Parts catalogue and manual are proper for NZ 350 year 1942 (1943) – the first 58 – 58a – 58b, or the later D605/12 from 22.9.1941 and Handbuch D605/11?
3. The bike has a handle bar used on later 350/43 and 350-1. Is it possible that the late NZ models had this type of handlebar?

Thank you in advance
Kind Regards
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