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Basic info on DKW NZ 350's

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id badge removal

Post by Asplund » Mon May 01, 2017 9:15 pm

It is usually difficult to remove the ID sign on the frame without breaking it. In my case the sign was in good condition and in addition, it had no manufacturing year so it was unique.
I have tried several methods and what has worked best so far is to knock out the rivets from behind. Which does not work on the NZ frames due to the construction. But I fund out a way to do that even on these frames.

Drill two holes in height with the rivets a bit outside of the id tag. Insert a screwdriver or mandrel into the hole and place it against the end of the hardened rivet to the plate. Hit a little hammer on the chisel or the mandrel and out comes the rivet. When the rivet has begun to creep out pull it out with a pliers or gently push under the head of the rivet whit a knife or chisel. Do not put the tool behind the sign, then it breaks. It's no big job to rebuild the holes when you renovate the frame.

Regards Mikael
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