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Anlaufsceibe für Kuvenwalze

Posted: Sun Apr 22, 2018 11:44 am
by ffoss
Is there anyone know the dimensions and the position of the part 122434-0, Anlaufsceibe für Kuvenwalze. I have tree part list; two 58 and one D605/12.
In one of the 58-part list there stands; “fällt fort, s. Nr. 122453-0”.
In the other one 58 there stands only; “Anlaufsceibe für Kuvenwalze”.
In the D605/12 there are a picture of two washers, but on the opposite side of the “Kuvenwalze”.
No dimensions indicated in any of them. I’m a bit confused according to dimensions and placement of this parts.

BR Frode

Re: Anlaufsceibe für Kuvenwalze

Posted: Tue May 01, 2018 11:33 am
by Frank
Hi Frode,

The schaltwalze shall always have washers. What may confuse a bit is that e had a early NZ's had a schaltwalze mit different dimensions up to engine no. 995760 and also the washers are different on this early version. If I remember correct your bike is a 1938-39, so then it should have the early schaltwalze with shaft diameter 12mm.

On those engine there is normally a 1,5mm (also seen 2,00mm washers) washer in the bottom of the schaltwalze and a 0,5mm washer in the top of the schaltwalze. The other dimensions of the washer is OD 24mm and ID 12mm.

The tickness of the shims/washer is not essential, but it very important to get the shims right in place.

I use to do like this:

1. Put an 1.5-2,0mm washer in the bottom and assemble the schaltwalze in the empty gearbox, mount the gearbox lid together with the gasket, tighten the screws.

2. Check the schaltwalze end clearnce, the clearance should be close to zero, but the schaltwalze should rotatate easily.

3. Add a correct ammount of shims ON THE UPPER side of the schaltwalze to get zero play. Correct dimension shims you normally find in shops selling bearings or automotive parts. Use preferable different dimensions.

4. Now you have one thick washer in the bottom and some thinner shims on the top.

5. Assemble the gearbox internal parts.

6. With the gearbox assembled and the lid open, rotate the schalt walze to the position of every single gear and check how the claws on the gears engage to each other.

7. The claws shall go ALMOST to the bottom of the other claw, but never totally. There must always be a small play att the top of the claws, otherwise the gearas and shifter forks will be destroyed very rapidly.
Otherwise, if the claws dont go deep enough, the bike starts to jump out of the gear.

8. If you see the claws going too deep in one direction, you have to move the schaltwalze in the other direction, by moving some of the shims to the other side of the schaltwalze.

9. It is easier to do the job than describe it, but when the gearbox is correct adjusted there should be zero axial movemnet on the kurvewalze and the shifting claws should go to the same depth (without bottoming) in both directions.

Please, feel free to ask if I was unclear with something.


Re: Anlaufsceibe für Kuvenwalze

Posted: Wed May 02, 2018 5:32 pm
by ffoss
Thanks a lot Frank. I understood that you knew it :D

BR Frode