Finished (nearly)

Basic info on DKW NZ 350's

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Rob Hickmott
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Finished (nearly)

Post by Rob Hickmott » Sun Jan 21, 2007 7:49 pm

Hi everyone,

My NZ is now on the road at last, I still have a few small jobs to do.
The fuel mixture is weak at the top end of the rev range, I am going to raise the needle by one notch, does any one know if the original setting should be the 3rd notch from the top or bottom of the needle?

The other problem is there is a great deal of travel on the gear lever (foot) is this normal? I have to lift my whole foot up to get a higher gear.

Other than that it goes very well. I think I may be too heavy for the seat spring, but I cant see any way of improving that, its wound up as far as it will go.

Thanks to everyone for the help and information you have given me during the restoration.
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