New NZ 350 owner from Belgium

If you own an NZ 350/350-1 bike please present it here

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New NZ 350 owner from Belgium

Post by Defender944 » Thu Mar 18, 2021 12:05 pm

Hello, greetings from Belgium. I’m the happy new owner of :

1. DKW NZ350
2. 1938
3. 472098 (according to the serial list this is a 1939 frame nr. , must be one of the last 1938 bikes, engine stamp says 12 38)
4. 844971

This bike was restored many years ago and has been stored and maintained in a hangar and barely saw the road. Although I’m pretty sure it never served in the army, it was painted as a wehrmacht version. Unfortunately the shade of gray is wrong, the paint is too shiny and sprayed way too thick. Since my main interest is collecting/restoring WW2 vehicles, I’ll completely strip and repaint it in the correct RAL7021.


The engine starts and runs fine, gearbox seems to have some problems shifting to higher gears and the foot gear shift lever is unusable for shifting up as you need to lift it almost 20 cm before it engages. Need to look into that.

The bike is fairly original, with many Ribe bolts remaining, but some of the more expensive parts are incorrect. The ignition box was missing but I managed to find a very nice original one. Battery support was missing as well and since I didn't like any of the replicas, I built a new one myself based on original pictures.


Things I'm still looking for:

1. Glass (original or repro) for the Hasag M165. Saw one on ebay but not sure it it's correct, seems to be sold out everywhere else.
2. correct handlebar switch for the horn and headlight.
3. Seat cover. The bike is equipped with the NZ250 Framo seat (not the big NZ350 framo). So far I only found 2 replica covers, both leather which is not correct. If anyone knows where to find a proper replica cover, please let me know.


4. Rear mudguard support (repro or original). Currently there's just 2 metal strips. If hard to find I might try to build one myself but would need the correct dimensions.


5. Speedometer. It seems originals are not easy to find? There's some nice looking replicas on ebay, are they any good?


6. Carburettor. Currently there's an Ehrenfried (looks like a Bing clone) installed which I think is postwar. While it will do for now, I'd like to replace it at a certain point with the correct Bing or Amal. There's some refurbished ones for sale but I'm not very fond of that polished look.


7. The horn looks like an old Bosch, although it's not correct, I might keep it as at least it's period correct.


Very long 1st post :) . It seems a bit quiet on the forum, I hope not everyone has moved on to facebook. Looking forward to your comments.


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Re: New NZ 350 owner from Belgium

Post by Motorboy13 » Tue Jun 15, 2021 7:44 pm

Hello Dominic , welkom , first a good job on buying the NZ !! nice bike it is!!

Yes the Forum has gone slow last 2-3 years (after some Hack on the website), but still people are around!! (with a lot of correct info )

your NZ350 is 38 you say!! ,that is a nice version too!! (mine is NZ350 is from 1939)

About your History of the bike !! WH /WL there are details that could tell but not always!

What are you Planning for this Bike ?? restore /sell ,Civil /Army ?? and what is is your Budget/time on it ??

Near original & perfection takes many years & a big Budget !!

Greatings from NL

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