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How to present your NZ 350 - guidelines.

Posted: Mon Apr 10, 2006 6:03 pm
by Nikola D. Dimitrov
If you want to present your NZ 350/350-1 motorcycle here, please stick to the following scheme:


1. NZ's type
2. Manufacturing year
3. Frame number
4. Engine number

5. History of your bike.

6. Pictures of your bike. [*note - see below]

7. Your contact info: Name, E-mail

1-4 are required, 7 as well (if you don't want your name & email to be published in the forum, then please send me or thomas591 a Private Message). 5 and 6 are optional, but it will be nice if you include them.

You may check your frame and motor numbers on your bike to make sure its a NZ 350/350-1 here. Document is in Adobe format, PDF.

[*note - 6. Pictures of your bike.] If you don't have where to host your images, you may use in order to upload your images and then link them from your topic.

In addition to the third party image hosting, you may ask for upload rights inside the forum.