DKW NZ 350 - Germany

If you own an NZ 350/350-1 bike please present it here

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DKW NZ 350 - Germany

Post by 2roushs » Tue Jul 31, 2012 8:49 pm

Just picked-up this bike and want to introduce it to you. Please view these pictures and let me know what is correct/wrong/missing, as I am new and just starting to get into these bike. i already know by reading and viewing various posts that it has a 250 cylinder head on it. What i need to know is that will i need to change the piston/rod and tear this engine fully down to out the proper cylinder on it. i want this bike to be correct in every manner that i can. somebody over its course decided to put this paint job and pin-striping on it over the course of its life. I have seen tan paint in various locations of it. i know that it is missing and has wrong parts on it, so please be nice letting me know what is going on with this bike. thank you,,

1. DKW NZ 350
2. 1941
3. 597483
4. 1182236
5. Don't know much about it's history except that it went into the Russians hands after the war and eventually came back to the German side.
7. Brian Hoggard, Germany
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Re: DKW NZ 350 - Germany

Post by Frank » Tue Jul 31, 2012 9:15 pm


Nice bike you have found!

There are quite much wrong parts on the bike, here some to start with:

-Rear fender (IZH or 350-1)
-Luggage carrier
-Exhaust system (probably NZ 250), smaller diameter than NZ 350
-Rear light
-Not sure about the front wheel, a DKW wheel should have spokes that are thicker in the root end.
-Seat rubber IZH

When the cylinder is a 250, also the crankshaft has to be a 250 crank. Also the engine blocks, clutch and the flywheel are different from a 350 (if the basic engine is a 250).
The 350 engine should have numers "72" stamped after the engine serial number and a 250 engine numbers "68"

// Frank
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