my DKW NZ 350-1

If you own an NZ 350/350-1 bike please present it here

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my DKW NZ 350-1

Post by doug » Sat Apr 21, 2007 6:39 pm

1. NZ350-1
2. 1944
3. Frame No. 625082
4. Engine No.1405254

Very little is known about this bike. I acquired it from a chap in Johannesburg who collected WWII stuff. He found it a few years ago in a vintage shop in Cape Town. He painted the logo on the tank and put the pony hair covers on the boxes. He also at one time a gas cannister mounted in front of the handel bars behind the headlamp.

The pictures show the bike as it is now. It runs but leaks oil quite badly.Image

That is not me in pic but i wanted to sneak a pic of the Citroen in here (apologies)

The bike appears to have been resprayed at some time. Image

I've take the fuel switch off to stpp it leaking petrol.

The air filter looks to be from earlier NZ.

I icluded this just to show the different wing nut for adjusting the back breaks.

I included this to shed any light on the speedometer saga. This looks different to all ather pics? Probably caused more confusion.


The headlamp has Bosch markings on the rim
1944 DKW NZ 350-1
1949 MG YT
1955 Citroen Traction Avant
1974 VW Autovilla
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