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DKW NZ 350 from Italy

Posted: Fri Sep 25, 2009 5:07 pm
by admaiora
Dear all DKW fans!

I found in my garage a DKW nz350... You may ask me: “How did you find it??Didn't you see it before??...“
Let me explain.... I have always known that my grandfather had a bike... but I have never thought it was there and it was so old!
Before I was born, the bike went off and also my grandpa had to stop riding because of health problems.

Some days ago I decided to have a look at this misterious bike covered by al lot of towels and bags and...
Ta Daaa...
Sincerely.. at the first moment, I did not even know what model it was...(I'm not expert at all about old motorbikes... :( ) Then I started to search on web and I found it.
My dad says that this bike is there approximately since 1985 (when my grandpa died...).

I would be glad if you would like to help me...
I think I'm gonna sell it because I can't restore it even though I wish so much...
As you will see, the bike has been re-painted but the biggest problem is that has been painted also the manufacturing year, the frame and the engine number (my dad says his uncle did it ages ago.... what a disaster!!!Grrr!!)
Can you discover the year? And also... I bet there are some not original parts... it's easy to understand it by looking at some details.
What do you think about?Is it totally wrong? And finally..Can you estimate it?

I made a HQ video with all the pics i have taken...
I'm sorry but I couldn't move there are only left and top side pics..
Thanks all folks for attention!

Goodbye from Milan (Italy)

Posted: Fri Sep 25, 2009 5:55 pm
by Wilhelm_Heidkamp
Nice base to restore. With a first look, horn, Dellorto carburetor, speedo, taillight, both saddles and the rear bumper are not original. Even the whole ignition system is postwar, with an external ignition coil and other parts. I think the original electric broke down and your grandfather used everything he could find to keep it on the street. The frame plate is on the front and not on the side and has no extra plate with additional electric information, so it should be an early bike from 1938 to 1940. The prices vary, I think you should fetch a price between 1800 up to 2700 Euros, belonging on the potential buyers you can find.

Posted: Sun Oct 04, 2009 5:20 pm
by admaiora
Thank you!! You’re really a chief mechanic! :wink:
Now I hope to find a buyer!
Probably I will post a new message in “Bikes for sale” …
Thank you again! :D