"Missing" D 605/14 of 1 September 1944

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"Missing" D 605/14 of 1 September 1944

Post by RTWOLLE » Mon Aug 30, 2010 11:33 am

Hello all together.
And they exist but believed lost or never published D605/14 !---- from September 1, 1944th
By chance, I acquired some time ago the D 605/14 and would not hide from you.
And so we have the final name for our motorcycle:
Leichtes Kraftrad 125 cm3
Accordingly, the expressions 125n.A. RT - RT 125-1 only game species or varieties.
What next, are my guesses.
September 1944 were either in print or Chemnitz no longer able to print a parts list or the time pressed, for on the front and in the workshops, a list needed to properly order replacement parts. Or was it the precursor to an ordinary pressure.
It's because a "Temporary Spare Parts List", written on a typewriter, printed, stapled. This includes all part numbers for the RT 125 from 1939 to 1944, especially the new version with a cast iron engine for the last marked with +.
Printed I think the customer service of DKW, as the list is marked on the cover with DKW 94408th
From the steel fork to pack bags, side support, vertebrate air filter, lights, saddles, carburetor, etc., everything.
But there are no pictures about it! The man apparently not needed for now. Is indeed a pity not to alter it.
The list is printed in A4 format, 42 pages.
The list also contains some logical errors: on the cover is built in 1939 - 1944, in the inner cover 1939 - 1943 and D605/14.
It takes the prevailing speed, determines the list have several written. A follow-up took place.
I have had make a few reprints, one who wants it can have for 35 EUR plus shipping.
Place a few photographs and would like to open the discussion.
IFA/DKW RT 125/RT 125n.A.
DKW NZ 350-1/ IZH 350
DKW KLM C 100/C 1/ GG 400/StL 462A
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