Frappr map?

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Frappr map?

Post by doug » Tue May 29, 2007 1:12 am

Hi All

Joined a group the other day to try and find out a bit more about dkw cars. ... DKW_Group/ (you have to register there)

A nice touch was a map they use which is easily available at

So I suggest taking a look there it works really well with a scrolling slide show under the map where each one of us would have one or two pics of our bikes with comments. The map works out where you are automatically and you can adjust the position if needed. Well blah blah .. Maybe Nikola you can do a poll and do it democratically. The only problem i can imagine is the conflict with the colour scheme of the website but maybe that isn't a problem ... Maybe there aren't any problems ever ... only opportunities for growth and learning...
ok enough now

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Post by Nikola D. Dimitrov » Sun Jun 03, 2007 1:05 pm

Hi Douglas,

Nice suggestion, thank you! But I find it a little too lazy - point the location, add a photo probably, post it... My vision for the forums was somewhat the old-fashioned way - that the owners from all around the globe will post here their extended presentations, with history of the bike, images, numbers, etc. Just the way you did it. Even now you may open the "Memberlist" of the forum and see where our members come from. Not the location is important, I think, but the NZs.

Anyway, if the fellow-members find it interesting to have such an option, I will add it.

To all: share your opinion, please!

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