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RAL 7028

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http://www.militaerlacke.de/lack/sprayd ... elgelb.php

Product information:

There are basically 3 different variants of color RAL 7028
These are distinguished by the use periods.

We offer you the 2 main variants of the RAL 7028 from the Farbtonbregister 840R to:

RAL 7028 dark yellow
RAL 7028 Deep Yellow Edition 1944 (identical Dunkelgelb I)

The color RAL 7028 was changed over the years of the war several times.

* The original unit color farm machinery RAL 7028 Dunkelgelb I was according to our research do not apply in the Reichswehr and the Wehrmacht.
It is, however, be safely assumed that this color was tested.

* RAL 7028 Dark yellow output in 1944 was produced from October 1944, and used on vehicles and equipment.
The color corresponds to the RAL 7028 Dunkelgelb I of the '30s and appear darker than RAL 7028 Dark yellow and brownish as dark yellow to pattern, almost ocher.

* 1943 1943 No to the Army release. 181 of February 1943, a new stained color painting of motor vehicles and artillery of the army after extensive testing phase (first stakes are assigned from the beginning of 1942) enacted and therefore officially introduced. It was here, however to the second variant of the RAL 7028, RAL 7028 called Dark yellow according to sample.
This color was clear yellow and slightly lighter than dark yellow and I was not included in the RAL color chart.

* In March 1943, the dark yellow was changed again after pattern.
The new color simply was only RAL 7028 dark yellow and was until late summer / autumn of 1944 at the repainting in use.
It is slightly darker and less yellow than the dark yellow to pattern, has a very light rust stitch.
Denecke speaks of Dunkelgelb III, the historically correct name is simply RAL 7028 dark yellow.

For the collector, this means concretely that the specials here RAL 7028 Deep Yellow Edition 1944 for vehicles and materiel to the period of the Reichswehr / Wehrmacht until 1941 (in the paint thoroughly for experimental purposes,
was used), and from October 1944 (minus a few months earlier because here also testing phase!) are to represent to the end of the war, can be applied.

The RAL 7028 Dark yellow should come on vehicles and objects manufactured between March 1943 and October 1944 for use.
Certainly various manufacturers had also after October 1944, stocks of that color, so that this color may show even situations until the war ended.

Packages considered there was the Amber I, also known as Amber in 1944 throughout the war.
According Heereswaffenamt the color was indeed used only during the periods mentioned above, in reality, that is in force, however, was certainly (and just to the war!) Use any of the 3 available dark yellow.
For the simple soldiers with little understanding of color theory, but with the gun in his hand, it was there in the repair companies do not always apparent that Amber just the paint bucket he had now before him.

Alone raw material-related color tolerances of that manufacturer can fall into a fiasco the penibelste Color Search.

Officially came the RAL 7028 Dark yellow only with the HM Nr. 181 in 1943rd
In the army release in 1943 no. 181 of February 1943, a new stained color painting of motor vehicles and artillery of the army is ordered.

Based on these Tarnlackierung is the dark-beige RAL 7028 "Dark yellow to pattern".
This dark yellow after sample is slightly lighter than the dark yellow I.

The aufzumalenden spots consisted of 2 colors, RAL 8017 "Russet no. 19", and RAL 6003 "Olive", and were depending on the season, weather, and applied use of space in an appropriate amount.
So in the summer propagated olive stains were used, in the fall came more Russet used.

Most vehicles were factory in dark yellow painted, only to be painted on site with the corresponding army motive.
On many images can be seen that now also moving parts such as wheels or rims were sprayed with army motive.
By spraying to smooth transitions revealed.

In the initial period following the introduction of new stained color painting were propagated vehicles that were painted in RAL 7021, dark gray no. 46, just painted over with dark yellow spots, so that hired a desired camouflaging effect here.

The first bet in a big way experienced the new chromatic colors painting the company "Citadel" on the tanks used there types III / IV / V / VI.
Even vehicles and equipment were which were intended for Africa delivered from February 1943 uniformly in dark yellow.

The Dunkelgelb changed, but not the camouflage colors used in addition to RAL 6003 and RAL 8017th

Since they were new unit color in RAL 7028, much of the equipment have been painted with this color also gradually.

So wore among others:

* Jerrycan
* Ammunition boxes
* Equipment boxes
* Bazookas
* Cookware
* Canteens cup
this hue.

This color was in 1961 removed from the RAL register.
On the basis of original color cards in April 1943 and Novmeber 1944 has managed to prescribe us these colors again!
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