NZ 350 Speedometers

Nikola Dimitrov • 20 July 2019

Another important part of the bike's equipment is the speedo. There is a lot of variance in the speedometers on these NZ bikes. Over time people change speedometers and replace them with anything that will work.

This page presents the original speedometers used on the NZ 350 and the NZ 350-1.

NZ 350

For the earliest NZ 250 and NZ 350 models the Parts list no. 58 lists only the 80mm P&S speedometer no. 31 (left).

NZ 350 Speedometer & head lamp
NZ 350 Speedometer & head lamp


From what we gather from the parts manuals, on the NZ 350 throughout its production DKW used both the 80mm ISGUS and P&S speedometers.

No. 31 (left) P&S, No. 33 (right) ISGUS
No. 31 (left) P&S, No. 33 (right) ISGUS


On the picture above, the speedometer no. 31 (left) is manufactured by P&S, the speedometer no. 33 (right) is made by ISGUS. Please note that on both speedometers the needle turns clockwise, starting at the one o’clock position.

Early NZ350-1

On the early NZ350-1 the 80mm ISGUS speedometer was used, and on the later ones a 60mm speedo.

The DKW NZ 350-1 manual D 605/27, dated 5.08.1944, pictures the early NZ350-1 speedometer which is the ISGUS speedometer no. 33 shown above.

Early NZ350-1 ISGUS
Early NZ350-1 ISGUS


An original ISGUS speedometer has the following characteristics:

  1. The lettering is printed (not etched) on the backside of the glass in white. (New glasses are again available)
  2. The ring under the white lettering is in a matt dark grey
  3. The base plate, where the needle rests on, is completely semi gloss black without any white/beige circles on it.

Later NZ350-1

A discussion in the forum revealed, that most probably 60mm speedometers from ISGUS, P&S and VDO were used for the NZ350-1. Please note that the 350-1 speedo only read up to 100 kmh instead of 120 kmh for the earlier bikes. Following are some pictures of a ISGUS speedo marked 9/44.


60 mm ISGUS speedo marked 9/44
60 mm ISGUS speedo marked 9/44


Speedos info and images provided from Martin Wilby, Mike Dunn and Thomas Willig.